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A river cruise is a unique experience, affording you the opportunity to explore the heart of a country or continent, a chance to savour rich and varied cultures and landscapes, cities and countryside, whilst luxuriating in the elegance and style that you would expect from a cruise holiday.

For thousands of years, humans have used the rivers of the world for travel, transport and exploration. Great civilisations have sprung up along their banks, the ever moving water a link to the varied peoples and cultures of our countries and continents.

Today river cruises are becoming ever more popular holidays for people looking to combine relaxation with exploration. A chance to meander along some of the most spectacular natural waterways on earth, to savour the rich variety of cultures and the ever changing scenery that these cruises have to offer. At we are proud to offer you the very best in river cruise holidays. Working with the leading operators we provide a river cruise to suit your tastes and budget.

World River Cruises is your doorway to a wonderful, life enriching journey. Maybe you’re looking to explore the historic cities and towns of Europe with a cruise along the Danube, the Rhine or the Volga in Russia or perhaps you’re interest lies with the spectacular scenery and rich culture along the Seine, the Po or the Rhone rivers. Further afield; a chance to explore the magic of Egypt with a cruise along the Nile or a cruise along the Yangtze and the mysteries of the East. Whatever your preference, whatever the river of your choice, World River Cruises can provide a holiday that will last in the memory for years to come.

Call us today and you could soon be enjoying all the wonderful delights of your own river cruise adventure. 

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